Pete Kowalczyk writer and filmmaker


I’ve written for CNN, the Guardian, S&P Global, Nikkei, Dazed, Latterly and Vice. Some of my writing has been included in the United States Library of Congress.

My films have been broadcast by CNN and have screened at South London Shorts festival and DIY Cultures festival in London.

I’ve also appeared on CNN Connect the World, worked with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and have been invited to speak at the Institute of Contemporary Arts.


Latterly: Hope for Somalia
Human rights lawyer Hamza Egal used to host radio shows in London. Now he’s trying to turn al-Shabaab’s bloodied soil into farmland.

Dazed: Alienated in Osaka
Meet the film director risking everything to document hate crimes against Korean immigrants.

Latterly: The last moments of Berlin, 2016
I flew out to Berlin a week after the attack.

Dazed: Cairo’s underground producers defy military rule
As Egypt votes its army back into power, leading lights of the electro shaabi scene tell us why music is the only thing left young people can trust.

CNN: Somalia’s diaspora poets step into the mainstream
When Beyoncé spoke Somali poetry on her album Lemonade, it shed a light on an entire generation of new artists.

CNN: Rio 2016 - Can these refugee athletes play in the Olympics?
Forced to flee from civil war, a group of stateless athletes from the Central African Republic are aiming for the Olympics.

Dazed: Ethiopia’s rising electronic producers find their voice
Armed with nothing but Ableton and a few good ideas, Addis Ababa’s fringe scene is pioneering underground music like never before.

CNN: Africa fashion week - The little town rocking the catwalk
Deep in southern Ethiopia, 300 miles from capital Addis Ababa, lives a group of female weavers who’s designs are reaching catwalks as far afield as New York and Tokyo.

Guardian: The difficult world of Glassjaw fandom
They’ve only managed two albums in the last 16 years, but their fans are among the most devoted. Here one British fan explains the band’s bittersweet appeal.

Guardian: Ethiopiyawi: the new African hand-me-down sound
Photos -- In Ethiopia, a forward-thinking network of artists are uniting traditional folk and chopped-up beats with whatever equipment they can get their hands on.

Guardian: Get ready for Aquacrunk
Photos -- The sound of hip hop done the Glaswegian way has spread from its native city and caught the attention of electronica fans worldwide.

CNN: Mahatma Gandhi’s descendants thrive in South Africa 
Africa’s largest Indian population have a history of activism. These days, the community in Durban, South Africa, are creating a new legacy through festivals and dance.

Dazed: Inside Japan’s wild psych raves
As Osaka police crack down on club nights, meet the kids moving the party outdoors.

Vice: Jarocim remembered
Metal festivals in communist-era Poland were a highly charged affair.

Dazed: Bass in your face
Photos — Asian bassline is carving a niche of its own for teenagers in the north of England.


Future Somalia
Diaspora artists are piecing together their fractured history and rediscovering their roots. Poet Farah Gabdon and musician Faisal Salah explain the current cultural renaissance.

Look at me as a boxer
In the gym with some of UK's top female muslim boxers. Ambreen Sadiq, Saira Tabasum and Naila Kiani talk about the spirituality and discipline of both boxing and Ramadan.

Ethiopia’s new sound
Technology and tradition come together to reshape grassroots music in Ethiopia. An intimate profile of Ethiopia’s breakthrough electronic producer, Mikael Seifu.