Pritesh Patel
Product owner, Department of Education

“Pete is one of the best content designers I've worked with, he has the ability to see an issue and analyze it to find out out what the user really wants to know, and then display the solution in the most efficient way possible. His delivery is of the highest standard and produces it in the most efficient manner. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him.”

Josie Young
Transformation manager, Methods 

“I really enjoyed working with Pete on a project at the ESFA. Pete's task was mammoth, to say the least, and included understanding the current content design practice across the ESFA, providing recommendations and tools to improve how content design is carried out, and working with a large network of stakeholders. Not only does Pete really know his stuff, but he's also great to work with and approaches everything he does with a spirit of collaboration and openness. Will definitely work with him again!”

Daniel Williams
Delivery manager, Skills Funding Agency

“I worked with Pete for nearly a year and found him a thoughtful and intelligent content designer, with a pleasingly simple and structured approach. Pete was liked & respected by all of the team, and user interactions worked smoothly with the multitude of complex scenarios and service designs. I'd like to work with Pete again and recommend him on that basis.”

Fred Brenton
Content designer, Department for International Trade

“This is your man. Seriously - Pete is a VERY good operator. Look at his website and his testimonials...I'm not just saying this... he's pretty good at this content stuff. He's also a good Northern Man.”

Ty Fairclough
Senior UX consultant, Digi2al

“Pete and I worked together one some of the most complex and challenging parts of a government product for apprenticeship funding. Without the clarity and succinct language Pete would apply consistently throughout the product much of that complexity would of been laid bare and hindered the users success with the product.

“Stakeholder management was a key part of our role. Pete, with a calm demeanour, could command the room with his mindful prose. His expertise was respected and seen as authority in the organisation.

“Day to day Pete would strip back his copy to only the most meaningful words then add delight in the dialogue through carefully structured content. His content throughout testing gave users confidence and trust in the service we were building.”

Padma Gillen
Former GDS head of content

“To be an excellent content designer you need to be more than a good plain English writer. You need to understand how to use data to shape your content. And you need to stand up for users,  even when it's way easier not to and you're the only one in the room who gets that such things matter.

“Pete has all these qualities and abilities in spades. That makes him a great guy to have on your team and I'd heartily recommend him.”

Ayala Gordon
Head of Digital, Southampton University

“Pete’s expertise helped us to bring our observations into sharper focus; he was the key to carrying our social governance framework from its early days as a vague collection ideas to its final form as a set of flexible guiding principles, backed by strong, data-oriented research.

“Over the months we worked together, I was impressed by his commitment to his craft and his extensive content design and user experience knowledge. He was a joy to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any content design project. I hope to work with Pete again in the future.”

Andy Cowin
UX architect & senior user researcher, Skills Funding Agency

“Pete is a quiet but tenacious fellow who likes to work on seemingly intractable problems with competing priorities. His knowledge and experience is extensive and he shows a real talent for thinking round problems to come up with practical and innovative solutions. I would happily recommend him to anyone who wants a team player who can make a big difference to the success of a project.”

Matt Gough
Content design lead, Department of Education

“Pete is an excellent content designer and UX professional with a passion for good content design and user experience. Working with Pete he demonstrated an ability to understand complex user journeys across multiple product teams and the impact any suggested changes have on users. He would recommend simple yet effective solutions to complex problems and iterate content and design based on research outcomes.

“He took the time to support colleagues within our organisation content clan and provide expert advice and guidance with content or user experience problems. I was able to ask Pete a number of times for support or advice and he was always willing to help. His background and skillset make him an asset to any organisation and his work and how well it is received is a testament to this.

“Pete is a pleasure to work with and tackles any work with great enthusiasm and critical thinking.”

Mark Avery
Head of content strategy - GOV.UK Apprenticeships

“I hired Pete as a consultant content designer to work on the UK government’s apprenticeship service project.
He gave expert insights and direction to the project as a whole – and brought the benefit of his extensive content design and user experience (UX) knowledge to the wider organisation.

“Pete also has a strong understanding of the technical aspects of building an online product, which resulted in him working really effectively with developers as well as design teams.

“Perhaps most importantly Pete has a natural ability to put people at ease. These interpersonal skills mean that he takes a sensitive and considerate approach to all matters, while still delivering results and offering working solutions.

“Content designers of Pete’s calibre are a rare find, so it goes without saying that I would strongly recommend his consultancy services. ”