‘We’ve been here before’: Why so many Polish people are helping Ukrainians right now
Russian violence with a slow western response is all-too familiar to Polish families. It’s triggered a massive humanitarian effort and fears that Poland might be next.

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Hope for Somalia
Human rights lawyer Hamza Egal used to host radio shows in London. Now he’s trying to turn al-Shabaab's bloodied soil into farmland.

— feature published in Latterly 

Alienated in Osaka
Filmmaker Sayu Park documents Japan’s North Korean communities, the xenophobia they face, and their allegiance to the Supreme Leader.

— feature and photography for Dazed

Inside Manchester’s Covid anti-vaxx protests
The story of an ex-military officer, an Instagram army, and an illegal march through the city.

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Look at me as a boxer
British boxing champion Ambreem Sadiq talks about the discipline of boxing and her faith while a head injury threatens the end of her career.

film screened at South London Shorts festival and DIY Cultures festival

Future Somalia
Farah Gabdon and Faisal Selah are bringing ancient Somali poetry into the present.

— film and feature for CNN

Ethiopia’s rising electronic producers
Michael Seifu and Endeguena Mulu are building an electronic music movement on their own terms. 

— feature and photography for Dazed plus short video

Terror in Berlin
I flew out a week after the attack. A story about solidarity.

— feature and photography for Latterly

A refugee aims for the Olympics
22-year old high-jumper and long-jumper, William Kopati, was the Central African Republic's national champion in 2009. But then the war came.

— feature for CNN

Cairo’s music underground defies military rule
As Egypt votes its army back into power, leading lights of the electro shaabi scene tell us why music is the only thing left young people can trust.

— feature and photograhy for Dazed

Japan’s forest raves
As Osaka police crack down on clubnights, meet the kids moving the party outdoors.

— feature for Dazed

The sleepy town rocking the catwalk
An isolated hamlet of bamboo houses 300 miles south of Addis Ababa isn’t an obvious fashion Mecca. But this is Chencha. And looks can be deceiving.

— feature and photography for CNN

Jarocim remembered
Emotions ran high at metal festivals in communist-era Poland.

— article for Vice

Mahatma Gandhi’s descendants thrive in South Africa 
Africa’s largest Indian population have a history of activism. These days, the community in Durban, South Africa, are creating a new legacy through festivals and dance.

— feature for CNN

The difficult world of Glassjaw fandom
They’ve only managed two albums in the last 16 years, but their fans are among the most devoted. Here one British fan explains the band’s bittersweet appeal.

— feature for the Guardian

Ethiopiyawi: the new African hand-me-down sound 
In Ethiopia, a forward-thinking network of artists are uniting traditional folk and chopped-up beats with whatever equipment they can get their hands on.

— photography for the Guardian

Get ready for Aquacrunk
The sound of hip hop done the Glaswegian way has spread from its native city and caught the attention of electronica fans worldwide.

— photography for the Guardian

Dazed: Bass in your face 
Asian bassline is carving a niche of its own for teenagers in the north of England.

— photography for Dazed

How tech is fighting back for endangered rhino

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Why 140 park rangers died to save this animal

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Unearthing East Africa's lost civilization

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Home to the world's rarest mammals?

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Rwanda's rainforests: 5 reasons to visit right now

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Tanzania's rainforest: Nature's hidden treasure

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Tanzania: Land of natural wonder modernizes

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